Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Are you considering a luxury property for your next home? Are you looking at bringing your current high-end home up to date with one of the many luxury home design trends that have emerged in popularity in 2023? This year has shown a great deal of variety when it comes to these design concepts. No matter your aesthetic, you’re sure to find one of them that suits your taste and interests. You’ll also find a great variety of new trends and classic-design comebacks to choose from. Read on!

How a luxury home is decorated in 2023 varies widely

The experts are reporting that two older luxury home design trends are poised to make a significant comeback in 2023. Boho chic has begun transforming living spaces from the sterile, urban feel of last year to the eclectic and individualized look of today. Those wanting to explore Boho chic will forgo the matching furniture sets and decor for unique pieces that are more tailored to a person’s individual tastes. The style focuses on layering, combining single pieces of furniture and decor that combine into a setting that is a mishmash of trends and styles. Pieces are found at estate sales, upscale resale shops, and vintage furniture stores. The furniture and decor can also be located online, as many websites are dedicated to finding vintage pieces for decorators and collectors.

Forbes reports that Art Deco has also made a comeback in 2023. The WWI-era trend combines lush fabrics and contrasting tones, giving rooms a deep and comfortable feel. The decor of this trend complements the furniture selected, with richly textured rugs often giving the rooms a sense of warmth that other design trends lack.

The inside moves to the outside

Since the start of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, many homeowners have become reconnected with nature. As the favorite public gathering places were temporarily shuttered, the outdoors became the go-to place where families played and friends gathered to entertain.

As the world has moved on from these strange days, one effect from them has lingered, working its way into the design schemes of homes. The amenities of the indoors have made their way outside, allowing families and friends to gather in nature without leaving the comforts of home.

Lush outdoor furniture is placed under the cover of new decks or patios. High-end sound and video systems are installed, allowing folks to gather for movies or music. Outdoor cooking areas have also been growing in popularity, rounding out the experience of living outdoors.

Rooms with a single purpose in mind are growing in popularity

One luxury home design trend that is continuing in 2023 is having rooms dedicated to a homeowner’s passions or hobbies. Setting aside a room for these leisure activities keeps them from taking up needed space in the living areas, reducing the amount of clutter and the level of distraction from other household members.

One of the most popular rooms of this sort is the home gym. These will be outfitted with the latest equipment, ranging from treadmills to rowing machines to Pelatons. Whether your passion is cardio workouts, yoga, or bodybuilding, you will find a home gym that is dedicated to your pursuits.

As technology continues to improve, the demand for home theaters continues to rise. These rooms aren’t just for film enthusiasts, either. Rather, some homeowners will dedicate a room to a home theater as a way to entertain their guests and amuse family members. High-quality projectors can be installed, lighting a screen with a favorite film or streaming a television program. The addition of a professionally installed sound system makes the experience feel just like a real theater, especially if the room has plush, reclining theater seating in place.

Wine enthusiasts have always found a way to store their favorite bottles in their homes. While a wine cellar in a residential home is nothing new, this dedicated space for collecting bottles of wine is certainly growing in popularity in 2023.

These rooms are kept within a certain temperature and humidity range so as to add longevity to the contents of the various bottles they contain. Special shelving is constructed to keep the bottles at just the right angle, ensuring that when the contents are at long last poured into a waiting glass, they are perfect for the palate.

Wellness spaces are becoming a must-have for homeowners

Being mindful of one’s mental health has never been as high on the list of priorities as it is today. Finding constructive ways to alleviate stress can be challenging at times, and one important luxury design trend includes a space where this is made easier. No two wellness spaces will be the same. They are developed with the user’s needs in mind and are equipped with whatever elements assist in that person relaxing and finding peace.

Commonly, these rooms will be decorated in soft tones, conducive to an environment that helps to melt the stresses of the day away. They might contain comfortable furniture for napping, a space to perform yoga, or relaxing chairs for reading. No matter what they contain, they include elements that facilitate better mental health awareness and healing after a long day.

The bottom line

When you are ready to begin a search for your beautiful luxury home, you’ll be viewing a niche area of the real estate market. Searching among these properties can take up a bit of your time, especially when you take into consideration that a good number of them are not publicly listed.

A professional agent is a valuable resource when trying to find a high-end home, as they can leverage their years of experience and vast number of professional contacts to get you into the luxury home you’ve been dreaming of.

If you feel inspired by these luxury home design trends and want to find your own piece of paradise, Deepak Hemrajani is the agent you want by your side. He is well-equipped to save you time, money, and stress throughout your real estate journey. Reach out today to get started!

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